Spinola Seamount

The Spinola Spur is a deep ridge located 40 NM off the coats of imperia in the Ligurian Sea. Despite this being the deepest seamount-like structure of the basin, no geological or biological information is available in the scientific literature (Würtz & Rovere, 2015). The area around the Spinola Spur is known for the presence of cetaceans. No previous ROV surveys were conducted in this site.

The BioMount surveys were carried out on the shallowest peak at 1817-1826 m depth showing a very steep morphology. Rocky hardgrounds are covered in a thick crust of Fe-Mn and biogenic concretions of Lophelia pertusa. A rich coral forest thriving on the steep walls characterizes the abyssal benthic community and is mainly composed of undetermined anthozoans of Atlantic origin, Antipathes sp., Parantipathes sp., Placogorgia sp. and other gorgonians of uncertain identification. Hydroids and encrusting sponges are scattered on the sea bottom.

No traces of fishing activity were identified on the explored peak.