Etruschi Seamount 

The Etruschi Seamount is a 50 km-long N-S elongated ridge bounded by two steep flanks with a summit at 360 m depth dominated by biogenic sands and pebbles (Würtz & Rovere, 2015). No previous ROV surveys were conducted in this site.The BioMount surveys were carried out on the NW flank of the North peak between 340 m and 591 m depth. Extended rocky shelves surrounded by biogenic detritus characterize the seafloor.

Abundant Fe-Mn-encrusted CWCs tanatocoenoses are found often embedded into biogenic concretions. Benthic communities are extremely flourishing here: massive densities of Spondylus cover the hard substrates together with sponges and gorgonians. A rich assemblage of decapods, including numerous large specimens of Paromola cuvieri, is found. Rocks host an abundant population of ascidians as well as brachiopods. Pagellus bogaraveo is commonly observed near the bottom. Few fishing lost gears and general anthropic wastes are recorded. On an abandoned line were reported two large living colonies of Lophelia pertusa populated by numerous Benthocometes robustus.